Introducing Broker or White Label Which One to Choose

This means that to meet the current market demands, new brokers must offer crypto trading. Providing deliverable crypto trading would give an excellent opportunity for a broker to stand out. Forex broker world is highly competitive, so if you do not offer a convenient portal for your traders to deposit money and perform other admin tasks, they will most likely prefer your competitors.

Both types of White Label models are a convenient way to launch a broker and optimize the operation of all elements within the system in order to get a well-established business that can bring profit and prosperity. Each while label is therefore tailor-made for partners, offering them the best opportunity to not only maximize their earning potential but providing them with an ideal environment to do so. White label refers to the practice where one company purchases a product from another company and then rebrands it as its own. Typically, the company selling the final product to the consumer has no direct involvement in manufacturing. In 1998, Tesco (TSCDY), a British multinational grocery and general merchandiser, began segmenting its customers and developing brands that cater to each group.

white label broker meaning

Leverate’s LXLite white label package allows new brokers to hit the ground running with instant CySEC regulation, and with no need to open a bank account and set up PSPs, as the broker can use ours. Brokers get extensive support from our expert team while they start accumulating clients for their brand and gain first-hand experience in the business. The difference between the two models lie mainly in the scope of their functions, and in their degree of autonomy.

Introducing brokers partner with primary ones, aiming to bring new clients. Experienced brokers can benefit from full access to the configuration of the bridge. They should be able to adjust markups, routing and control trades execution. It adds to the flexibility and helps brokers stay in full control of their operations.

Our White Label solution for MT4/MT5 also allows brokerages to quickly build a customer database of professional traders who prefer high execution speed and advanced technologies in trading. All services work via the API, the interface providing high speed execution which is absolutely secure. B2Broker does not use any extensions or non-licenced applications on its trading servers. If you want to make your mark in the Forex industry and gain a competitive edge, a White Label solution from a reputable provider is definitely the way forward. B2Broker has in-depth experience of the industry and is able to ensure the successful operation of your business, while offering your clients the widest range of financial instruments and trading. Any business that uses online service provision can consider white label solutions.

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How Does White Label MetaTrader Work?.

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Hundreds of forex brokers start as white label brokers before they operate as individual entities on their own. So, if you are thinking about foraying into the forex trading industry as a broker, you can think about establishing your own forex trading platform and brokerage firm. This is a very complex process and it is safeguarded by so many rules and regulations of different countries.

To avoid all these processes, some of the companies prefer to become White Label. This gives them the ability to do business depending solely on the services of the broker they made an agreement with. At first sight, both options are promising enough; Introducing Brokers serve as a source of additional earning, as IBs claim to welcome new clients to your brokerage platform. As for White Labeling, the new development level takes place as you get an opportunity to build the ecosystem of services available to beginner brokers. IBs monitor clients’ feedback based on completed trades to understand which aspects demand improvement.

white label broker meaning

In today’s guide, we are going to talk about all the important aspects of White Label brokers. Investment platform for copy trading, MAM, and PAMM accounts, and much more. In simpler words, an IB is the first person to meet and guide new clients to the main broker.

Rather, it needs to be transferred to the broker who provides the White Label service. In the worst cases, a lack of technical support can mean that the broker will face fines and bankruptcy. White label solutions provide start-ups with the top-rated technical support that they need without hiring support staff, which is cost-effective and ensures high quality of service. Although technically white label products may appear in any industry or sector, large retailers have done quite well with them. Companies like Whole Foods and Walmart have benefited by selling their own branded products that have been created by other manufacturers. Because of lower transportation costs, the retailer could sell the product for less and still reap a bigger profit margin.

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  • The second one is called partial White Label Forex broker, which means that the company receives a distinct domain, a fully designed website, as well as a trading platform.
  • The example above contains one margin account based in US Dollars, and a lot of client groups based in different currencies.
  • If deemed ineligible, this will impact the commissions the affiliate can get.

The white-label provider allows a new brokerage company to enter the international financial market under its own brand or to expand the range of provided services for the account of a prime broker. The solution provider could be a developer as well as an agent between the developer and brokers. Starting your own brokerage business from scratch is a very painstaking, expensive and time consuming process that requires the investment of a large number of different resources in order to develop all its vital elements. Creating an exchange infrastructure, connecting electronic payment services, launching a matching engine for matching orders, installing a trading terminal – these are just a small part of the tasks to be solved at the start. The White Label model allows you to access a ready-made brokerage exchange infrastructure and start using it for your own purposes, which significantly saves time, money and effort.

So the most important part of your business model would be to attract traders and keep them trading in your system. There are many ways to cut a slice of the Forex brokerage cake, but two models stand out from the rest as good choices for newcomers – becoming an Introducing Broker (IB), or building your own white label brand. At some point, your company outgrows broker ecn the standard setup and demands an individual solution. This might include plugins, add-ons, or simply a custom server configuration. With several businesses on a single server, there will be an increased difficulty in running individual upgrades. There is also a risk that your processes will be affected by a poorly executed upgrade of your neighbours.

white label broker meaning

It is possible to purchase a license and fully own the trading platform. That gives complete independence to brokers, but it is a very expensive route. An alternative to that would be White Label, which enables brokers to access the fully functioning trading platform at a fraction of the cost. Running a business in regulated countries requires an expensive license, more funds, and every formality usually takes more time.

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